The King of Pigs (2011) MIFF Film Review


Anti-bullying campaigns of a few years ago were based on the theory that bullying never leaves you; you hold on to it throughout your life, and it can influence the life that you lead and the choices you make. The King of Pigs tells the story of how school bullying irreparably changed the lives of the two main characters.

Many years after they finish school, Jong-Suk and Kyung-Min meet up for a drink and to reminisce about school. At school, they were both part of the lower class, the pigs, and were tormented physically and mentally by the ruling class bullies, the dogs. A fellow pig, Chul, begins to stand up to the dogs and becomes known as the King of Pigs – until he is expelled for physical violence and needs to find a new way to free the other pigs.

It is an extremely emotional animation, with graphic violence and a strong sense of just how downtrodden these characters are. It is worth battling through the poor subtitling of the film to get to this tragic tale.


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