The Matchmaking Mayor (2011) MIFF Film Review


The town of Zemplinski Hamre in eastern Slovakia is dying. It is dying because not enough of the men and woman are getting married and having families. This is worrying the town mayor, who has already has success in many other areas and so decides to create a social event for all the singles to meet and fall in love (or something similar).

At times, this film is quite uncomfortable to watch. The filmmaker probes several of the bachelors and bachelorettes about why they are single and many of them are embarrassed to talk about this. In some cases, it is the social awkwardness that we see when being interviewed that may be the cause of their single status.

My favourite moment of the film is when the Mayor is caught on film in a candid conversation with one of the townsmen and his true attitude towards the women of the town is revealed. If this is the way most of the townsmen think, I’m surprised any of them are married!
Overall, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this film and I think this is because, unlike so many current documentaries, I am not laughing at the subjects, but feel a genuine empathy for them, and I truly wish them well in the future – single or otherwise.

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