Rome -TV Review


Most series made by HBO are pretty fabulous. This one is okay. It has all the elements that should make it amazing – good characters, decent plot, interesting setting. Yet it doesn’t quite get there. I do wonder how much of this is from my prior knowledge of this world which, I’ll be totally honest about it, comes from Asterix comics.

The first series starts when Julius Caesar has conquered Gaul (All? All! Yup, Asterix gag for the fans) and returns, triumphant, to Rome. The senate see him as a tyrannical dictator who threatens the republic, leading to a variety of threats, challenges, fleeing and battling. The season ends with Caesar’s murder (is this really a spoiler? Surely Shakespeare gave it away a long time ago), and the second season takes up from the confusion left in the wake of Caesar’s death.

The one thing I found really difficult with this show was the passing of time; sometimes I had no idea that time had passed at all, yet it was four or five months later. Plus, the time would skip when following one strand of the action, giving no idea of what had happened in the various other areas. A bit annoying.

It is a good fun show with lots of awesome gory violence, amusing nudity and treachery all around. Not good enough for a third season, but two good seasons worth a watch.

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