Thunderball (1965) Film Review



A US Airforce jet carrying two nuclear weapons disappears on a training exercise. After much investigation, including sleeping with two women, travelling to various countries and much diving with beautiful women in bikinis, James Bond (Sean Connery) discovers the plane in shark infested waters. After diving amongst the sharks, he discovers the weapons have been moved. What amazes me with all the sharks in this film is how much they will immediately attack everyone who is anywhere near the water (often in really, really terrible, sped up footage), yet they just languidly swim past Bond without even seeing him. Plus, they manage to not at all attack the dead bodies in the plane. Of course, Bond finds the secret hideout by pretending to be one of the henchmen, although when they realise he is not one of them, a very long, slow underwater fight takes place between the baddies in black wetsuits and the goodies in bright orange wetsuits.

It’s ace. This is all that Bond should be and more. Connery is at his handsome best, there is all of the charming misogyny that we have come to expect from Bond. And lots and lots of sharks.

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