Snakes on a Plane (2006) Film Review


There is a plane. There are snakes on it. Need to know more? No, no you don’t. Well, ok, there is a little bit of a plot. A kid is in Hawaii and witnesses some big gang dude killing someone. He is then being transported to the mainland for the trial. By plane. How does the guy decide to dispose of him? A whole bunch of snakes. On a plane.

I loved it. It is one of the few films that I have actively cheered in the cinema with genuine excitement. No, it is not good. But it is still ace. Plus, there is Samuel L Jackson and Julianne Margulies. Many of the characters are stereotypes. That’s fine. I have no issue with that, because it is funny and only ever so slightly scary. Sometimes, a bit gross, but generally just funny. I just loved it. Every moment. Even on the re-watch. It’s a film that was created with a lot of input from fans on internet forums, and I think it proves that this is not the way to create a cinematic masterpiece – but you may end up with an awesome, fun film.

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