Alias – TV Review



So, there’s an awesome female spy, Sydney Bristow(Jennifer Garner). She does all kinds of cool spy stuff; ace costumes, hair colour craziness, speaking different languages, shooting people, fighting people, getting through security systems. The whole lot. Then she finds out that the people she is working for are bad guys. Or are they? Or are they? Or are they? To sustain this for as many seasons as they do, there is a lot of counter-spying, double-crossing and other stuff. Plus, Sydney’s dad, (Victor Garber) is part of the organization. Or is he? Or is he? Or is he?

I love it. It’s awesome and terrible at the same time. The action is great, and I love all of that side of things. Some of the plots are pretty terrible, and I really can’t believe that a spy who is supposed to be really smart and discerning about human nature could possibly trust so many people so blindly. It’s still ace.

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