The Broken Shore by Peter Temple – Book Review


Joe Cashin is a police officer who has returned to work in his hometown after being injured in the line of duty in Melbourne. He is in constant pain, but is determined to repair his life. The body of an elderly man is discovered, and Cashin has to work in conjunction with police from the next town over. Facing racism and corruption, he works to find the true culprit.

It’s not a simple crime novel. Broken Shore spends as much time on the life and mind of Cashin as it does on the crime that he is investigating. The information is leaked out bit by bit, letting both the character of Cashin and the world he inhabits gradually appear.

Two of Peter Temple’s Jack Irish novels were turned into television movies last year, featuring Guy Pearce as Jack Irish. It has been announced that The Broken Shore is being adapted for television, and will be screened later this year. Don Hany is cast as Joe Cashin. I can’t wait.

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