Charlie and Boots (2009) Film Review


The film opens to a montage of the funeral of Gracie, the wife of Charlie and the mother of Boots. A few weeks later, Charlie has sunk into depression.  Boots takes him on a road trip, and the rest of the film covers their lives and experiences on the road. The aim is to get to fish off the northernmost tip of Australia.

Paul Hogan was apparently great in the seventies. (I’m a bit young to know this). He was certainly fabulous in Crocodile Dundee back in 1986. Since then, however, the few movies he has made have been stinkers. Consequently, I avoided Charlie and Boots in the cinema, even knowing what a fabulous performer Shane Jacobson is.

Charlie and Boots is a nice, sweet, inoffensive road trip film. A lot of fun things happen, from an impromptu performance in Tamworth to rodeo adventures. It was just a bit light-on. Sure, there were a couple of conversations about the past, about challenges they have lived through. There was definitely potential for some delving into what makes men tick and the relationship between an adult son and his father. There was a feeling that this is where it was heading, but the film never quite got there. As far as an enjoyable film that visits parts of Australia that we usually don’t see, it hits its mark.

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