The Mist (2007) Film Review


**spoiler alerts**

There has been a freak storm in a small town, and David Drayton (Thomas Jane)and his son Billy (Nathan Gamble) head to the local supermarket for supplies. Whilst there, a mist takes over the town, but this is no normal mist. There are creatures in the mist. Creatures with tentacles and teeth and hunger, creatures that attack anyone who ventures outside. The townsfolk holed up in the supermarket react in different ways; some become practical and try to find ways to survive and others follow the local religious nutter, Mrs Carmody (Marcia Gray Harden) in an old testament inspired mob, sacrifices included.

It’s an awful film. By this I mean that it looks at the base nature of people, and for some people, it’s pretty horrible. It’s no surprise that it is based on a Stephen King short story – King writes awesome creatures and nasties, but also has an extremely strong grip on human nature. Yet there were a couple of major flaws in it. For me, the biggest flaw was when David decides to get a group together to run next door to the pharmacy to get supplies. At this point, he has already decided to get a group to his car and get out. But then he suddenly turns into a hero. Why? His goal was to get through with his son, and he’d seen everyone who went outside die in a horrible, violent, bloody manner. So why would he risk his life and risk leaving his son? I just didn’t believe it.

The special effects are pretty good, if quite horrible. And it is worth watching to see an end that you would absolutely not expect from a Hollywood film.

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