Mongol (2007) Film Review


Mongol tells the story of the early life of Genghis Khan, the man who conquered half of the world in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. I had not realised this film just covers at the start of his life – I had expected for such a long film (over two hours) that his whole life would be covered. Genghis Khan had a reputation for being extremely violent, leading a large, bloodthirsty cohort and so I was expecting blood and gore and, thank goodness, I was not disappointed. Most of the film was very slow-moving, meandering through the desert as Temujin (Genghis Kahn’s birth name) either chases after people or is chased. However, there are some very violent fights, and the person in charge of the fake blood certainly earned their money during this film.

Mongol was nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language film.

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