Reclaim Your Brain (Free Rainer) (2007) Film Review


Perhaps there was something in the zeitgeist of 2007, but this is the second European film I’ve watched recently that has a top-paid executive in the media industry living it large, snorting a lot of cocaine and reaching rock bottom. Once there, both protagonists have crucial breakthroughs that lead them to rethink their life and what they represent. The first film I saw was 99 Francs, the French film relating to the advertising industry, which was beautifully shot but did not tell a great story.

Reclaim Your Brain starts with Rainer Kuhhirt (Moritz Bleibtrau), a top television executive, snorting cocaine, drinking and driving in an extremely erratic and dangerous manner. He ends up in a terrible state in the control room watching the taping of his most recent show, Get Your Superbaby. One woman wants a baby, three men put their sperm up to race to create the perfect baby from perfect DNA (and thank goodness the film is self-aware enough to know just how sinister this concept is). Rainer is being pursued by a young woman whose life has been effected by his programming. Together, they aim to change the world.

It’s not a bad film. Certainly, it takes itself a lot more seriously that 99 Francs, but I am not sure that makes a better film. I found the concept a bit tedious, and the idea that a television producer wants to pull apart society by attacking television ratings seems totally and utterly insane. But there are some good characters (especially Phillip (Milan Peschel), the socially awkward, conspiracy theorist).

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