The Infidel (2010) Film Review



It’s only whilst going through his recently deceased mother’s belongings that Mahmud Nasir (Omid Djalili) discovers that he is adopted, and it is only as he investigates his birth parents that he discovers that he is Jewish, and not Muslim as he was raised and has raised his children. Not that he was strict, but suddenly he feels he has a whole new identity to discover. In addition to this, his son, Rashid (Amit Shah) is engaged to Uzma (Soraya Radford), whose mother has recently married Arshad Al-Masri (Yigal Naor), a Muslim cleric from Pakistan who lectures on religious purity. Mahmud must win the favour of Arshad Al-Masri for his son to be happily married.

I found this film to be very heartfelt and delightful, although at times, it felt that things worked out in an extremely convenient manner – especially the end. But I guess this is pretty important in a feel-good comedy, and that’s why you must suspend your disbelief. Djalili carries the film, but is supported ably by an excellent cast including Archie Panjabi (Kalinda in The Good Wife), Richard Schiff(Toby in The West Wing) and Matt Lucas as the Rabbi. Definitely a lot of laughs along with a few groans and some general chuckling.

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