What’s a girl to do when she wants style and weapons?

Anyone who knows me well knows I love high fashion items, and I don’t want to have to compromise my looks for some good-old violent self-defence. Luckily, Google Images did not disappoint.



These guys clearly give me a wide range of colour options without compromising on brand. That’s important to me. But sometimes, I want something with all the bling, but that will go with anything. For all my daily outfit changes. What better than gold?


Not violent enough?



Need greater range? Perhaps wanting to take out a rival’s helicopter?



It’s not all about firepower, though. Sometimes, what I really want is to have a variety of defences.



To fit in a cheeky clutch?



And finally, for the zombie apocalypse.



Of course, I’ll need to rethink all of this for next season. I can only hope that peace isn’t the next big fashion item.




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