Foxfire (2012) – MIFF Film Film Review


France/Canada  143 mins

It’s the 1950s in small town America. A group of girls, sick of being hassled and harassed by the boys and men of the town, form a secret gang; Foxfire. Their initial goal is revenge on those who wrong them, but ultimately, it is freedom they seek. The story is told as an extended, narrated flashback by Maddy (Katie Coseni) who recorded their exploits at the time. She and the other girls were enthralled by the charisma and vision of Legs (Raven Adamson), prepared to follow her just about wherever she wanted to take them.

Right from the start, the film shows why such a rebellion is necessary for these girls. Alienated from ‘normal’ American life, these girls decide that if they are not going to be seen as acceptable, that they do not need to follow the paths normal for young ladies. There is some of the angst that I have found frustrating in other depictions of dissatisfied teenagers, however Foxfire has reasons for this angst, along with strong relationships and some sense of hope.

Foxfire screens at ACMI on Friday, August 9 at 11am and at Greater Union on Sunday, August 11 at 4pm. School bookings and teacher resources are available.


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