Call Girl (2012) – MIFF Film Review


Sweden/Ireland/Norway/Finland 140 mins

Stockholm, 1976. Iris (Sofia Karemyr) is put into a juvenile home as she is getting out of control and her mother cannot cope, but immediately starts to sneak out. When her friend Sonja (Josefin Asplund) turns up in the same home, they start to go wild together. One thing leads to another, and they end up as prostitutes for Dagmar Glans (Pernilla August) who arranges dates for politicians and  high-level businessmen and police. A couple of police, going against orders, go after this prostitution ring and wind up searching for these lost girls.

The style of this film reminds me very much of a couple of British productions I’ve seen over the years, most notably Red Riding. Perhaps it was the style of the era being recreated, or the bleakness of the storyline, but it works extremely well.

Call Girl screens at the Forum Theatre on Friday, August 2 at 3:45pm and on Sunday, August 4 at 1:15pm. To book tickets, visit

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