Hibermate. My Kickstart obsession

Have you heard of Kickstarter? It’s that website that people put up ideas and inventions and stuff and you can become a backer. You get stuff for that depending on the project. Some of the ideas are pretty darn fabulous, with planning, prototypes, professional videos that catch you eye and your imagination. Some are dodgy as, or just really poorly considered.

There are a few games I’m currently playing with Kickstarter. One is the shadenfreude game – look for ideas which are less-than-inspirational and laugh at the small number of investors (Or reel at the surprisingly high number if it seems to have caught others’ imaginations). This is not a nice game and shows the dark side of my inner psyche. The next one’s better.

The next one is to grab an idea and obsess over it. Watch the number of backers rise day-by-day, and even make a private bet with myself over the final figure, or how long it will take to reach the next goal. This is a nicer game than schadenfruede. And this is where Hibermate comes in.

I’ve been following the development of Hibermate over the past few years, and the new development that is on Kickstarter at the moment is pretty darn nifty. Check it out.


There are only 4 days to go to back Hibermate and then I’ll need to come up with a new internet obsession.

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