A World Not Ours (2012) MIFF Film Review



Iraq/Kurdistan/Turkey 90 mins

Mahdi Fleifel grew up as a displaced Palestinian in the refugee camp of Ein el-Helweh in Lebanon. His father moved his family to Denmark when he was young, but he returns regularly to enjoy the world cup with his friends and family back in Ein el-Helweh. The hope of many of the older people is that they will, one day, be allowed to live once more in the place they call home.

I find the Palestine/Israel situation so fraught, and I do not know enough to have  a strong opinion on it. A World Not Ours is extremely effective in showing what life is like for the people inside the camp. What’s more, Fleifel’s father was also crazy about capturing everything on film, so the film includes footage of the various friends and family from thirty and forty years ago. It’s amazing to think that a life so different from ours, with children running around with guns and being unable to return to the compound without all of the appropriate documentation, could ever be viewed as mundane. But it is.

A World Not Ours screens at Greater Union on Sunday, August 4 at 6:30pm and at the Forum Theatre on Thursday, August 10 at 1:30 pm. To book tickets, visit http://miff.com.au/

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