Hong Kil Dong (1986) MIFF Film Review


North Korea 108 mins

The illegitimate son of a lord born to a woman too poor to be considered worthy of him, a young Hong Kil Dong leaps at the opportunity to train beneath a man who uses magic and skill to defeat bandits. Years later, Hong Kil Dong uses his skills to correct the injustices in Korean society, with his flute playing the only warning to the corrupt and cruel. After righting society, Korea is invaded by Ninjas who kidnap all the girls and take all the riches of the country. Hong Kil Dong raises the people to fight against them for their own freedom. However, even after all of this, he and his mother are treated poorly due to their low birth, so they get on a boat, leaving the country to search for a better world.

This image in the current political climate with the two major parties fighting over who can be more hardline on the boats arriving in Australia was not lost on the audience at ACMI. Overall, it was an awesome, fun film, especially the dodgy effects and fabulous fighting. Apart from the final image, my favourite part of the film was the ninjas racing through the quiet towns in fast motion like the Goodies episode with the boy scouts. Hilarious.

Hong Kil Dong screens at ACMI on Friday, August 9 at 9pm. To book tickets, visit http://miff.com.au/

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