Lovelace (2013) MIFF Film Review


USA 90 mins

Most people know of Linda Lovelace as a pornographic actress, the star of Deep Throat. Some know that, years after the film, she released a book, Ordeal, which outlined the abused she suffered at the hands of her husband, Chuck Traynor, including being forced into making the film. Lovelace shows the meeting of Linda (Amanda Seyfried) and Chuck (Peter Sarsgard) and shows the glamour of their life together, as if showing what many would have seen from the outside. Then, as she reveals the abuse, the early scenes are revisited and the darkness is revealed.

It’s a good film, although I didn’t feel that it delved as deeply as it could. There was a sense that the surface had only been skimmed relating to just how dark this world was for Linda. Perhaps this was not the best format for the topic, and a documentary would have been more hard-hitting. It’s difficult to know.

Lovelace screens at Greater Union on Friday, August 9 at 6:30pm and on Sunday, August 11 at 7pm. To book tickets, visit

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