100 Bloody Acres (2012) Film Review


Sometimes, MIFF can be a bit much. Drama after drama, loads of earnest, serious films, and even the comedies can get lost in the mix. What do you need? A really good Aussie comedy. Seriously.

It feels like it’s ages since I’ve really enjoyed an Australian film. I am going to have to go back over the films I’ve watch for the last few years and see if this is true, but they are generally so depressing, whether it is the drug use or violence or general destitution. I think for the next few years I will be saying “Thank God for 100 bloody Acres” for restoring my faith in the ability of Australians to make comedy films.

Reg (Damon Herriman) and Lindsay (Angus Sampson) are brothers in a small country region who have the Morgan Brothers’ Blood and Bone fertilizer company, but recently they have started to use a new, magic ingredient; human road kill. When a road accident occurs, they attempt to grab any human remains remaining. However Reg uses his initiative to lure three young people on their way to a music festival and things get out of hand.

I don’t do horror well. I tend to get very caught up in the plot and find it haunts me for days afterwards. Knowing that a film is a horror/comedy can be enough to put me off, and thank goodness it didn’t for this film. I laughed so much, and the gore was magnificent in its horrific hilarity. So good.

100 Bloody Acres is in cinemas now. Go watch it.


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