Under the Dome – TV Review


I watch a lot of television that I consider a bit ‘rubbishy’. I like it; a bit of a tune out, stare at the box, get to like the characters and totally suspend disbelief to put up with the ridiculous storylines. Things like Once Upon a Time and Grimm, and even Elementary. They are a fair way from the HBO and Showtime high level of television that we can expect these days, but doable. Finally, though, I think I’ve met my limit.

The plot is fairly straightforward. Small town, suddenly, a dome appears. All inside the dome are cut off from all those outside. Think The Simpsons Movie, or the Gone series of books by Michael Grant. There are a range of characters with secrets to hide – a mysterious man in town who we know has just murdered someone; a weirdo (and totally unbelievable) teenager who has gone nuts has kidnapped his very recent ex-girlfriend and is keeping her in his father’s bomb shelter; the councilor and the police chief who have a secret that involves a large delivery of propane. I have no issue with crazy storylines. It is the absolutely terrible acting and direction that is killing me.

Take the second episode. The creepy looking priest is destroying some evidence of the propane purchases. He burns them in a small bin in an office. Then, first looking at the bin, then the curtain, he walks past and kicks the bin into the curtain. Sure enough, within ten seconds, the entire house is burning down. Surprise, surprise.

By all means, I will continue watch crap television. But perhaps this is making me realise that there is a time to turn it off and get a good book.

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