Miss Congeniality (2000) Film Review


Ah, 2000. Back to the days when there could be a hilarious comedy about a bomb at the most patriotic of events, the Miss United States pageant. And that when everything seemed mostly wrapped up, the FBI could move out, ignoring any continuing threat. I wonder how a film like this would work post 9/11?

Sandra Bullock is at her comic best playing Gracie Hart, an extremely unfeminine FBI agent with no manners and no grace at all. But when a mysterious terrorist called The Citizen seems to be targeting a beauty pageant, the FBI need an agent on the ground. With the assistance of pageant expert Victor Melling (Michael Caine), Gracie gains some Grace and the hearts not only of the nation, but also of fellow FBI agent Eric Matthews (Benjamin Bratt). Oops, may have been a bit of a spoiler, but it’s thirteen years old. Surely a spoiler at this stage is reasonable – unlike all of those people who live Facebook-statused Offspring two weeks ago and did a spoiler alert after only minutes. Booo.

Miss Congeniality is a great film. Funny, a top cast and a ridiculous plot. Yes, there is a bit of political incorrectness, and there are certainly flaws, but generally it is a very enjoyable experience. Plus Candice Bergen is in it. And William Shatner. Love it – two reviews in a row with William Shatner. Lovely.

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