Suits – TV Review


Mike Ross (Patrick J Adams) is a genius. What he reads he understands and what he understands, he remembers. And never forgets. However, due to an incident at college, he is unable to complete his studies. He is bike courier who smokes dope and occasionally completes the bar exam and other exams for other people for cash. But he’s not a bad guy – his grandmother needs financial help and he doesn’t know how else to do it. Then his best mate, dope dealer Trevor (Tom Lipinski) asks him to do one job. He needs to take a suitcase full of dope to a specific hotel room and the amount he will get paid will cover his grandmother’s bills. On the way, however, he realises it is a set up and detours via a different hotel room. In this hotel room is Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht), the top lawyer for one of the top firms in New York. Mike impresses Harvey so much that he is hired, despite not having a law degree. Now, the two are tied together. Mike and Harvey are tied together in this lie.

I really like the show. I like the characters, from the feisty Donna (Sarah Rafferty) and the beautiful and sweet Rachel (Meghan Markle) to the annoying Louis (Rick Hoffman) and the powerful Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres). It’s kind of a poor man’s Boston Legal – remember that powerhouse of a show led by William Shatner, Candice Bergman and James Spader? Crazy lawsuits, relationships left right and centre, and quirkiness galore? Suits is not as quirky or fun, but there is quite a nod to Boston Legal – especially the soundtrack.

Apparently, this is set in the cutting edge, hard-arse world of law in New York, yet there are several instances when characters stuff up and are given chance after chance after chance. Things don’t always ring true – but it is still an entertaining watch.

4 thoughts on “Suits – TV Review

  1. I did hear that there was also the bonus perve-factor – all those young men in suits!
    This has been recommended to me before so I’ll have to get to it… soon.

    • Suits, I like. It’s pretty vanilla courtroom funtimes with people betraying each other and all of that. Boston Legal is legendary comedy that it is unlikely will ever be matched – I totally agree with that article. Suits is fun, Boston Legal is brilliance. It’s like the West Wing of legal stuff. Am I playing it up too much? I don’t think so – I just loved it. Must go revisit soon!

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