Warm Bodies (2013) Film Review


I’m not crazy for zombie films. I tend to get too scared – especially the new running zombies. The old staggerers I could deal with. But a good zombie comedy – you won’t hear me complain about that. A zomromcom? I only knew of one, Sean of the Dead (love it) until now.

Something has happened – it might have been a virus or something else. That’s not important. But now, there are zombies. R (Nicolas Hoult)  has been a zombie for a while, and is pretty bored with his life – shuffling about, looking for food, trying to entertain himself and remember what it was like to be human. And then he falls in love – with a real, live human. Julie (Teresa Palmer) is stuck behind enemy lines, and R saves her. Before long, things start to change. But can she love him, and is there any place in this world for this love?

Fun, silly, and thoroughly enjoyable. I suppose you could argue that it takes a look at what it is to be human, and what happens when we lose sight of our humanity. I just liked the chasing and fighting. And the montage on the plane. That was pretty funny.

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