Tripwire by Lee Child


A man who arrives in Miami to find Jack Reacher but ends up dead, and Reacher is compelled to investigate. He discovers that Jodie Garber, the daughter of his old army commander, hired the man. Only, she’s not a kid anymore, and her father’s just died. Between trying to tie up the ends of Jodie’s father’s investigation and protecting Jodie, Reacher has his hands full. As usual.

By the end, it looks like drifter Reacher may be about to give up his drifting ways – but surely this can’t be the case?

If you love the Reacher books, with their violence, their little, dropped clues and their ridiculous love scenes (and extremely brief sex scenes), this will be another for you. The tension between Jodie and Reacher is blatantly obvious and, thank goodness *spoiler alert* is relieved despite their reservations. One thing I particularly like which happens in most of the series I’ve recently read is the red herring storyline. Reacher thinks one thing, everything points to it being that way but then – no! Reacher is wrong. No, wait, it’s not what it seems. Love it.

Just had to research if there are plans to make another Reacher film. The first was pretty disappointing, but the books really do scream to be dramatized. No further Reachers in production – but Mission Impossible 5 is on its way. Marvelous. That’s what Tom Cruise should be doing, I reckon.

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