Destiny’s Right Hand by Michael Wagner – Book Review


Destiny is a beautiful teenager with a terrible secret – she is a shoplifter. Well, not altogether – just her right hand. After being involved in a car accident, she required a hand transplant, but the hand seems to have a life of its own. Then she meets Eddie, an aspiring journalist for a locally run newspaper. She believes he is the only person to ever believe her, and he sees her as the chance to finally get something printed. When he’s not admiring her beauty.

I love me some Young Adult fiction but it’s been a long time since I’ve read anything for the younger market. It’s a bit of a tricky one, as some of the concepts in the book (transplants, therefore death and grief) are possibly more suited to a middle-teen audience, but I think if you have teenagers reading the Hunger Games and the Gone series, and even the Harry Potter books, this will be too basic for them. Whilst some of the concepts are a little challenging, they are not presented in a way that is overly adult, and I think that early teens and even mature pre-teens would really enjoy this book.

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