Plague by Michael Grant – Book Review


I wonder sometimes if this series has perhaps too much going on. There is the FAYZ, with kids dealing with living without adults, with the potential fun of this quickly being overpowered by the practicalities. Then there are the freaks; some of the kids have a variety of different powers – creating a killing light, or removing gravity, or super speedy running. There is good vs evil, with Sam and his crew just trying to survive and Caine and his crew wanting power and all that goes with it. Oh, and there are freaky creatures; talking hyenas, flying snakes, swimming bats. Is that not enough for the poor, starving kids? No? How about giving them a disease that causes children to cough themselves to death? That enough?

It’s clearly not supposed to be nice, but as a reader, I kept wondering how much more they could possibly take. Really, how could they keep on with no end in sight? Although what is the option? At this point in the series, I wondered how much more they could take, and indeed, how much more I could take. Sometimes, it’s just a bit too much.

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