Miss Congeniality 2 : Armed and Fabulous (2005) Film Review

Miss Congeniality Two

After her successful mission in Miss Congeniality and the ensuing publicity , Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) is having a tough time working as an FBI agent as she is constantly recognized. On top of this, her relationship with her colleague ends unexpectedly and she is bereft. When the opportunity comes to become the face of the FBI in a publicity campaign, along with a book, an entourage and appearances on every television chat show across the land. Then, Miss America (Heather Burns) and Stan Fields, the host of the awards (William Shatner) are kidnapped and she ends up back in action with her new, angry FBI agent bodyguard Sam Fuller (Regina King).

This is exactly the sequel it needed to be. It had all of the humour of the first, and ridiculous costumes and slapstick and the lot. Plus add in Nick Offerman and Abraham Benrubi and you have a good, cheesy ridiculous film that many people would consider a waste of a few hours of your life, but that I just loved. To bits.

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