2 Days in Paris (2007) Film Review


Marion (Julie Delphy) grew up in Paris but now lives in New York. Having travelled through Europe with her boyfriend, Jack (Adam Goldberg), they end their trip with a couple of days with her parents. But when they keep bumping into her exes, their relationship is stretched.

This film is so delightful in the way it has taken the elements of a French farce and put them into a modern context and it works beautifully. Farce can have a real clunkiness and obviousness that can be almost tedious, but this is subtle and gentle and funny and also, surprisingly, quite emotional.

2 thoughts on “2 Days in Paris (2007) Film Review

  1. Delpy is such a lovely and vibrant presence on-screen, that it’s a shame to see that she hasn’t quite broken out of her “Celine” shell. Maybe one day. Good review.

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