A Mighty Heart (2007) Film Review

A Mighty Heart

Based on a true story, A Mighty Heart follows Mariane Pearl (Angelina Jolie) as she deals with her journalist husband’s disappearance in Pakistan.

This should have been heartbreaking. It should have had me in tears, and feeling every injustice in the world. Instead, I was kind of bored. I had no interest in what had happened to this man or what was going to happen to his heavily pregnant wife. I’ve been struggling to figure out why; perhaps I just couldn’t believe Jolie in this role. She’s fabulous when she runs and jumps and fights and shoots guns, but waiting and keeping her emotions together? It just didn’t work. Perhaps it was the structure of the film, with seemingly misplaced flashbacks throughout that burst any bubble of tension that may have been building. It’s based on a book. Perhaps the book is better.

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