Brick Lane (2007) Film Review

brick lane

Nazneen (Tannishtha Chatterjee) is taken from her happy life with her sister in Bangladesh and sent off to cold, miserable England and a fat, middle-aged husband. For many years, she quietly lives her life, producing a couple of daughters, keeping to herself and dreaming of returning home until her husband loses his job. She starts taking in sewing to help with the family finances and then the terrorist attacks of September 11 take place, anti-Muslim feeling rises around them and her husband finally agrees to return to Bangladesh. However, is this still what Nazneen wants?

This film was particularly good at setting mood throughout, from the happiness and freedom of childhood to the loss and alienation of trying to get by in a life that is far below expectations. There were some parts of the story that felt either unneeded or very undeveloped, in particular the story of the sister, but other that this it was a satisfying story. Beautifully shot.


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