Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris – Book Review


You know when your brain has melted somewhat thanks to many hours travelling and waiting in airports and the like? You want something to occupy yourself but have little concentration? This is how I found myself on recent travels, and having borrowed a loaded Kindle, decided to revisit the True Blood books by Charlaine Harris. I haven’t got them all, but I’ve got a bunch of them.

If you’ve seen the True Blood television series, be warned that the books are quite different. Yes, there is still Sookie Stackhouse and her vampire lover Bill Compton, but many of the other characters have taken a bigger role in the television series (Jason Stackhouse, for example, and LaFayette) or have been changed totally (such as Tara Thornton). Essentially, though, the feeling is similar. It’s the hot, deep South in  the US and there are vampires living amongst humans, having ‘come out of the coffin’ once a synthetic blood has been developed, allowing them to no longer feed on humans.

This book introduces the characters and settles us into Sookie’s world. I recall when reading it last time that I was compelled to keep reading, but found the writing very basic and in fact, not that good. Whether it is the state of mind afforded by the travel or what, I don’t know, but I’m loving it a lot more this time. I’m totally in the world and, even though I recall some parts of the plot, I’ve forgotten enough to still be drawn in.

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