Club Dead by Charlaine Harris – Book Review

club dead1

Number three of the Sookie Stackhouse books, Club Dead sees Sookie travelling to Jackson with werewolf Alcide Herveaux to try to read the minds of those who may have kidnapped her vampire lover Bill Compton. She’s learning about the way of the world – there are vampire royalty running various areas and loyalty seems to be of less importance than she thought was possible.

One problem with these books is that it is so easy to get into them and read them all in a row, and then the flaws in the writing style becomes obvious. Harris tends to repeat a lot of specific phrases  and this gets  bit tedious. Plus the doubts that Sookie is having about her relationship with Bill is annoying – in the first and second books, Bill seemed so magnificent and perfect for her, and as a very invested reader, I don’t want that to end. On the other hand, Harris writes handsome male characters of a variety of species in such an attractive way that perhaps Bill needs to be written out althogether so we can see what Sookie can really get up to!

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