Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris – Book Review

dead as a doornail

People (well, not people exactly… the two-natured, supes, weres, those kinds of things) are being shot, and the regular police have no idea what the connection is. Sookie Stackhouse knows – since she met vampire Bill, she has become used to a world with creatures that she never would have believed in before. The emotional turmoil of Sookie’s life continues, with her best friend involved with a very nasty vampire, a local werewolf pack having  a leadership contest and a new potential love in her life, leaving her with her heart pulled several different ways.

Now, I’m just reviewing as a kind-of fan. Me and my need to complete sets of things – I am churning through these books just because. No, that’s not totally true – I am enjoying them. But Harris needs to do something thrilling to keep me reading for enjoyment and not a misplaced sense of duty! I felt this book had too much inner-Sookie conflict and not enough fun romantic times with any of her suitors. A lot of set-up, not enough pay-off.

On a side note, I love this cover – Tara is barely in the books, and when she appears, she’s definitely not a sassy African-American bartender, she’s a white gal who runs a boutique clothing shop. But I guess the awesome Tara from the show sells more…

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