Accepted (2006) Film Review


So there’s this guy at high school who’s popular and does crazy things like make fake IDs for his classmates and party a lot. But then, high school is over and he hasn’t got into college. Oh no! What’s more, apart from his best mate, who got into the local college, none of his other mates got in either. His parents are disappointed and he doesn’t know what to do. Hang on, he can start his own college! Yay!

This is a long way from being a good film. Yes, it has a few funny lines in it, and a few decent characters. But every minute there seem to be about twenty very serious ‘as if’ moments, and that is annoying. I think that if I were a teenager and had a crush on Tom Long or Jonah Hill, I’d watch this film a hundred times. But I’m not, and I’m disappointed I watched it even once.

2 thoughts on “Accepted (2006) Film Review

    • Having not really enjoyed the film that much, I did appreciate Jonah Hill’s performance – I reckon he deserves much success. I mean, compare this to Moneyball (which I also didn’t love, but appreciate that it is an excellent film with Hill in a very different role)

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