Dead and Gone by Charlaine Harris – Book Review


Now the weres have joined the vampires in outing themselves to the real world as existing, and things will never be the same. In Bon Temps, the small town where Sookie Stackhouse lives, the announcement has appeared to have gone over quietly until werepanther Crystal, married to Sookie’s brother Jason and expecting his child, turns up dead. On top of this, Sookie’s fairy relatives have advised her that there is an evil fairy prince who wants her dead, and Eric has tricked Sookie into marriage, believing this may be one of the only ways she will be safe from the new vampire king.

Thank goodness, the Eric storyline brings some loving back into the series, because it’s been lacking that for some time. There are also some quite full-on fight scenes, including a horrific torture that, luckily, Harris does not write in great detail. I still do not think this has recaptured the feeling of the early books of the series, but it is a lot more engaging than the previous few books.

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