Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris


I’ve been getting increasingly frustrated with these books, and I think I’ve figured out why. The stories are good, when they happen; but, because so much happens in each book and everything relates to each other, there is a lot of repetition. There was one book relatively early on where Harris dealt with this easily; she had a summary. This is what she should do at the start of each book; a bit of a “Previously in the Sookie Stackhouse Series…” Really, if anyone is reading the tenth book in a series, chances are they have read the previous nine. If not, perhaps they need to be directed to read the previous nine.

Once I got past the annoyance of at least a chapter’s worth of this book being recap, I quite enjoyed it. There are some evil vampires and it is really hard to see how they will be conquered. The bad fairy from the previous book (the one that disappeared) turns up and is not what you expect and there’s some good loving. There were a few expressions used that I felt were a bit crude for Harris – she tends to have a real Southern politeness not just to Sookie, but to the way things are written, and losing that at times was a shame.

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