Cupcakes (2013) Film Review



Anat (Anat Waxman) runs a cupcake shop and every year, she and her close neighbours get together to watch the Universong Contest (think Eurovision. Cheesy and awesome). After they come together to write a song to cheer Anat up, they decide to enter and before they know it, they are the representatives for Israel. They soon learn that it is not just about singing the song; there is politics and money involved, and things become complicated.

Cupcakes is a really fun and delightful film. It made me smile a lot, with a lot of laughs and the occasional tear – a lovely balance that will appeal to a wide audience.

Cupcakes is playing at ACMI on Saturday, March 15 at 6:15pm and on Wednesday March 19 at 8:30pm. For tickets, visit MQFF.

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