Five Dances (2013) Film Review


Chip is a young dancer who has moved to New York and is working with a small dance troupe toward a show. He seems quite lonely and this is compounded by regulars calls from his mother to demand he come home and give up his dream. He is also discovering an attraction to one of the male dancers, and this seems new to him.

I really enjoyed the slow pace of this film. Much time is spent rehearsing, and the scenes in between were slow and gentle. contemporary dance is a love of mine; a bit like some art, at times I cannot explain what it is that gets me. Five Dances is almost an excuse to film some beautiful dancing; the story is almost second. Almost. I felt that it ended too soon, and that another twenty minutes may have given it a  better chance to wrap up some subplots. It is a beautiful film.

Five Dances is play at ACMI on Friday March 21 at 6pm. For tickets, visit MQFF.

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