Yoshiko and Yuriko (2011) Film Review



Set in post-war Japan, this film tells the true story of a love between two women who lived and travelled together despite all cultural norms. Yoshiko was a respected translator of Russian texts into Japanese, and the film covers the time that she meets Yuriko and needs to deal with the social consequences of how this developing relationship will affect her marriage, her family and her career.

I would like to know more about this couple and the way they defied society for love; there really is nothing as good as a love story. This film, however, did not do the great love justice. There seemed to be little emotional connection between the two women apart from the words. I’m not sure if the direction was that the relationship was to be distant, but it took me away from the possibility that this was a great love. To me it felt underwritten, as though the entire thing was transcripts of the writing of the two women interspersed with twee generalisations about society.

Yoshiko and Yuricko is playing at ACMI on Saturday, March 22 at 8:15pm. For tickets, visit MQFF.

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