Three Dollars (2005) Film Review



Eddie (David Wenham) seems to have it all. A beautiful wife and daughter, a house in the suburbs, a good job. But how quickly things change.

It’s a long film which meanders through a depressing tale. I felt as though it covered a bit too much; really, the whole storyline with Gerard was pretty unnecessary and everything else could have still happened without too much stress. Even the ‘catch’ of the film (Eddie bumps into a girl, a friend from primary school, every how every nine-and-a-half years and he only has three dollars) was a bit forced. I think that the film would have worked just as well without this catch, because it was all about the relationships and how they worked with each other.

I first saw this film maybe five years ago, and I recall finding that it dragged and annoyed me. When it was recently repeated on SBS, I decided to give it a go and was delighted to find that I really enjoyed it. It’s not sadtacular, but it’s not far off.


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