Fighter (2007) Film Review


Teenager Aicha (Semra Turan) is expected by her Turkish Muslim parents to follow her brother into medical school and become a doctor. This isn’t what she wants, though. She loves kung fu, and trains in secret in a mixed club where she finds a strong attraction to her training buddy, Emil (Cyron Melville).  But when her secret gets out, it breaks off the engagement between her brother and his fiancé.

It’s not a new story; girl from one background (in this case, Turkish) is in a different place (Denmark) and wants to do something unfeminine (kung fu). But her behaviour is made to be responsible for the lives of others (in this case, her brother’s engagement) and she is left feeling guilty and forced to go against her parents to be true to herself. It’s not a bad story, although totally annoying. Why should her sport affect her brother’s life at all? It shouldn’t. Does this bring anything new to this genre? Yes. Style. The story is average, but the look of the film is beautiful, especially the fight sequences.


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