Comedy Festival Summary – the Festival so far.

Here’s a little snippet of what I reckon you should check out and why.



Dave Hughes in Pointless, Wil Anderson in Wiluminati and Tom Gleeson in Quality

These are three consummate stand-ups. They know how to work a crowd, each in their own way. The material is strong and you are guaranteed laughs. What’s more, you are guaranteed that you will be in a room filled with laughing people, and that is an awesome way to spend an hour.


Joe Bone – The Bane Trilogy

Joe Bone brings a whole series of characters to life in creating the story of Bruce Bane with excellent musical accompaniment from Ben Roe. For me, three separate shows over three nights is a bit much of a commitment, but I’d highly recommend making the effort to get to at least one.


Sam Simmons – Death of a Sails Man

Insane. Totally insane. If you love insane comedy, see this.


Emily Taylor – PET

Sweet, funny, mad characters, good fun. My Theatrepress review is here.


Frank Woodley – Fool’s Gold

Lots of physical comedy, a few songs and some general craziness. Ace times.


Backwards Anorak – Winter is Coming

Ignore the terrible poster – if you have seen Game of Thrones, watch this. It’s ace. My Theatrepress review is here.


Rama Nicholas – After Ever After

Ever wonder what happens at the end of a fairy tale? Possibly not. But Rama takes you on a fabulous journey with a whole bunch of characters to tell a very cool and, at times, extremely wrong story. I totally loved this.


Mel Buttle – Bring a Plate

Mel’s dry delivery and muttered comments totally crack me up. As do her impersonations of family members and other stories. I think she’s totally way fun. See her. Go on.


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