I Do (2006) Film Review

I Do

I wonder whether France does have good romantic comedies. It seems that all that I have seen have been quite good, some less than good, but nothing great. This is another pretty good one; not great, but pretty good.

It goes that, after an early heartbreak caused by the meddling of his mother and sisters, Luis (Alain Chabat) has given up on love. Now, in his early forties, his sisters are sick of taking care of him and decide to set him up. This causes him much stress, and he decides to hire someone to pretend to be the perfect woman for him to get them off his back. In steps Emma (Chalotte Gainsbourg), the sister of his best friend. She plays the role, but it does not have the desired effect and the stakes are raised.

For a romantic comedy, there needs to be chemistry, and I felt no chemistry between Luis and Emma. In fact, I wanted Luis to get together with someone else, and Emma seemed pretty cool on her own. Still, it was great to see Charlotte Gainsbourg in a role I really enjoyed – many of hers seem so sad and intense, whereas Emma was a lot of fun – and with a good secret. It’s worth a watch, but I’m still searching for a fabulous French romantic comedy.

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