Carrie by Stephen King – Book Review


Carrie is one of those films that everyone has seen except me – at least, that is how it feels. But, being me, I wanted to read the book before I got to the film – either the original Sissy Spacek or the more recent Chloe Grace Moretz version.

Set in a small American town in 1979 , Carrie is an awkward girl with a somewhat insane, religious nut mother. When she gets her first period in the communal shower at school, she does not know what it is. But the other girls do, and shower her with tampons and pads, bullying her into a crying mess.

One of the gang, Sue, feels remorse, and has her boyfriend ask Carrie to the prom in her place by way of apology. The punishment for the girls for the shower attack is to do a series of detentions and when the leader of the pack, Chris, refuses, she is banned from the prom. She seeks revenge, arranging for Carrie to be crowned prom queen and dumping a bucket of pigs blood on her in front of everyone. (I don’t feel this is a spoiler alert, as I’ve known this happened forever. Apologies if I am spoiling it for you thirty years after the fact) What no-one knows is that Carrie has special powers, and after this humiliation, she destroys the entire town.

The book is told in a variety of manners – court transcripts and newspaper articles after the fact, analysing what happened, as well as more traditional narrative storytelling. I liked this – a kind of drip feeding, bit by bit, letting the picture form. Now, I just need to build myself up to watch the films…

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