Ja’mie Private School Girl (TV Review)


When Chris Lilley did We Can Be Heroes: Search for Australian of the Year, he was brilliant. Certainly not the first to play multiple characters, there was something fabulous about the show. Then, Summer Heights High, a few new characters and still pretty funny. This got picked up by HBO in the US which was very exciting and led to Angry Boys, and things started feeling very much samey. Now, Lilley has done a show featuring just one of his creations; Ja’mie. And it really sucked. Perhaps that’s a bit harsh, but it just felt like the same old same old, nothing new, nothing exciting. You know what might have worked for me? Make Ja’mie in her twenties and dealing with the world. It certainly wouldn’t have been able to say whatever Lilley was trying to saying about school girls, but it would have been new. It’s reached the point for me that saying something racist in character to prove a point is no longer funny. It’s just racist.

Next year, Lilley is doing a show with the character of Jonah. I don’t think I’ll even bother watching it. Though I probably will, in hope that the glory days will have returned.


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