Private Eye (2009) Film Review

Private Eye

Ridiculous, hilarious, marvelous, wonderful. I love South Korean films, even when they are somewhat stupid like this one, veering from outright slapstick to hideous, horrible violence.

It’s the early 20th century in occupied Korea. So, there’s an ex-army dude who is now a private eye, mostly going after cheating wives/husbands and the like. He has fancy gadgets (yeah, a bit like Bond) given to him by a rich a beautiful woman who love science. Then there is a medical student who finds a dead body and takes it home to practice his anatomy work (as you would) only to discover that the body is that of a prominent man’s son. He hires the private eye to help him discover who killed the guy. More people die, there’s a circus, and lots of serious faces followed by crazy dancing. Love it.

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