The Other Hand by Chris Cleave – Book Review

The Other Hand

This book was published as Little Bee in the US and Canada.

Little Bee is a Nigerian refugee living in a detention centre in Britain. When she manages to get free, she goes to the house of Sarah and Andrew, a couple she met a couple of years prior in her home land, where they were on holiday. There was a violent incident that involved all three and Little Bee’s sister. Andrew, feeling guilt over his inaction in the situation, has just committed suicide, so when Little Bee arrives, Sarah is forced yet again to confront the past. This is made even more difficult as she is caring for her four-year-old son and continuing an affair.

Chris Cleave just kills me with his writing. Sometimes, he takes his books places that I don’t want to go, but you can’t give up. If you are feint-hearted, this won’t be a book for you, but push yourself. Read it, be shocked and scared and horrified. Let it change you.

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