Chuck – TV Review


You want a show with a fairly ridiculous premise, extremely unlikely plotlines but that has fabulous characters that you quickly love and that you become totally addicted to? This may possibly be the show for you.

Chuck (Zachary Levi) is a college dropout living with his sister Ellie (Sarah Lancaster) and her boyfriend Awesome (that is his nickname, because he is so awesome) (played by Ryan McPartlin). He works with his best mate, Morgan (Joshua Grimes) and a selection of dropkicks Lester (Vik Sahay), Jeff (Scott Krinsky) and Big Mike (Mark Christopher Lawrence) at an electrical supply and technical assistance store. That is until an old schoolmate sends him an email with a file attached and he ends up downloading the entire supercomputer of the CIA into his brain. Chuck has become an asset and must be protected – in step his two handlers, Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) and John (my favourite, Adam Baldwin). And things get ever more ridiculous, implausible and wonderful.

The show ran for five seasons, finishing in 2011. I’ve not yet seen the last series, but have really loved everything so far. Of course, I don’t believe the decisions they make and the way the handle each other, but if it were real, it would be a callous and possibly unwatchable event. Or it may have been an all-different kind of awesome. But I really like this awesome, personally.

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