Ruined – A Novel by Paula Morris – Book Review



When her single-father sends Rebecca, a 16-year-old New Yorker, to stay with her aunt in New Orleans, she finds she is in a whole different world. Her aunt is a cook who reads fortunes for money, her cousin is a few year younger and hardly able to help her settle in to the school she is forced to attend. On top of that, there are the bitch girls from a couple of the oldest, most-wealthy families in town. But nothing is what it seems, and when Rebecca makes friends with a ghost in the graveyard, she ends up being guided through what appears to be an inevitable destiny.

I love reading and watching things about New Orleans. It sounds like such a magical yet dangerous place. Fabulous. This story is very good, although at times, it misses the mark a bit. Some characters feel under-developed, and it was only when the action heated up at the end when I realised how much I’d been dozing off to this story. Definitely worth a read, but be prepared to chew through the dull stuff to get to the key, exciting moments.

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